My Snickers Bar

I learned something recently from a Snickers bar. I’m not usually a fan of candy bars, I much prefer a cookie or a piece of pumpkin pie. On occasion however, I do indulge in Snickers, after all, Snickers really satisfies!

My wife and I recently began planting a church in my wife’s hometown. The week after we celebrated our first service one of the ladies that has decided to make our new church her church home came to my workplace and gave me a Snickers bar. She said she just felt like getting her pastor something.

I thanked her and then vowed to never open or eat that Snickers bar.

Not that a candy bar in any way compares but, I think I finally understand why David poured out the cup of water that came from Bethlehem’s well (1Chron.11:15-19). He recognized it as more than just water or something he wanted to bless himself. It represented something greater than what it was. David said that water, that no doubt he wanted to drink, represented to him the blood of his three mighty men. They risked their lives to get him that simple cup of water and he honored their love and loyalty to him by pouring it out unto the Lord. Drinking it just didn’t seem right anymore.

There was something about being called “Pastor” for the first time, by someone who actually considers me her Pastor, that captured me. Maybe it was her simple kindness and thoughtfulness that blessed me. Whatever it was, it brought a reality to me that I stand in a place in people’s life to teach the Word, lead them to Jesus and love them as Christ did. It made eating that Snickers bar seem disrespectful.

So I won’t eat it. I’ll keep it as a memorial, to remind me of a few things I learned all at once.

1. People love you too. I love people. That’s one of the reasons I love being a minister, you get to help people. That Snickers bar reminded me that they love you too. Things might not always be smooth but deep down, we’re all committed to following Jesus Christ together and that’s what really matters.

2. You’re life matters. Not just that you live but how you live matters. You represent something very important to people who need what you have. You represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. Not just on Sunday morning at 11 but every day of the week. You are their Pastor and it matters how you live and where you lead those who follow you. Every Christian knows we represent Jesus to the world. I think we often forget that we represent Christ to each other as well.

3. God knows where you are. I love how God has little ways of waking us up and reminding us that He has not lost our address. He knows what we’re doing, where we are and what we need. He knows how to teach us and His Spirit can quicken things to our heart that remind us He is still in control. God is watching you. That’s both a fear and a comfort to me. A fear because He sees my mistakes and He is just. A comfort because He sees my mistakes and He is merciful, gracious and slow to anger (Psalm 103:8).

Have you ever had God use something small to teach you something big?