Recently, there’s been a number of high profile Christian leaders come under scrutiny, and ultimately moral failure, due to various public & private sins. Alcoholism, drug abuse, homosexuality, adultery & financial improprieties all number among their issues.

The root problem however, is not adultery. It’s integrity. It’s not alcoholism but integrity. They don’t have any.

The sin was not the alcohol, that’s where the sin made itself known. The cause was not the adultery or pornography at its root. The sin was a lack of personal integrity and a heart that was not fully reconditioned by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If they had personal integrity they could be honest and ask for help with the particular sins they were struggling with. Too often Christians struggle in silence and shame, afraid to access the help and safety of the church and the promises of God’s Word. Our personal integrity becomes weakened and eventually sin takes over.

It is crucial for all Christians, and especially those who serve in leadership roles, to set clear and deliberate boundaries around your thoughts, pastimes and actions. Integrity must be maintained. Many spend more time defending their reputation than they do their integrity. If you maintain your integrity your character will maintain your reputation.