Born This Way

churchcemeteryIt seems as if the only thing the mainstream media and non-Christians know about Christianity is that we believe homosexuality is sin. It seems to be the first question always asked by an interviewer who has a moment with an Evangelical Pastor.

Pastor Rick Warren was interviewed on CNN recently by Piers Morgan and then again by a reporter from the Huffington Post concerning his new book and specifically his views on homosexuality. You can see the video here or scroll below.



The interviewer brings up a commonly asked question in regards to this issue. Why would God make someone with a desire that He would then call sin? The question posits a couple interesting theories. First, that God is the source of all of our desires and passions and second that possessing a desire alone is indicative of its legitimacy. The problem is, both conclusions are wrong.

An understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ instructs us in this regard. We are born into a fallen world with an active sin nature. It is natural to the hearts of all men and women to sin, that is, to violate the will, law and nature of God. Secondly, simply having a desire or passion speaks nothing to its legitimacy.

All sex outside of marriage is sin, whether its hetero or homo, and marriage can only be Biblically defined as between one man and one woman. The canard that, “Why would God create me with a passion He doesn’t want me to fulfill” is ludicrous. The fact that one has a desire they’re driven to gratify is immaterial to its acceptability.

Some men are born with inclinations to steal, lie, commit adultery, and all other sorts of evil. Why would God create them, driven to rape or cheat on our spouse let’s say, if He didn’t intend for them to fulfill it?

The Gospel tells us!

They’re right. We were all born this way. Born to sin, to lie, to steal, to pervert nature, to be unfaithful and to hate. We were born with a nature that would oppress and abuse if given the chance. Our natural inclinations and desires are inherently sinful and challenge God’s laws. We all, heterosexual & homosexual, need to be born again to get a new set of passions and desires, be filled with the Spirit and to align our natural passions with the Word of God.

Lady Gaga can sing, “I was born this way” all day long but it does not legitimate or excuse the presence of sin. We need to repent. We need to be born again. We need the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “Born This Way

  1. Your first paragraph stated an interesting question, which you then failed to answer. Why do the media ask Evangelicals about homosexuality? Because they perceive Evangelicals as obsessed by it. And why is that? You then give a long, tedious, read it a thousand times before diatribe against homosexuality- even if you are right, you say nothing new- showing that you, at least, are obsessed with homosexuality.

    If Evangelicals talked more about other things, so might the mainstream media in interviewing Evangelicals. Talk about the work your church is doing to feed the hungry, take care of the sick, clothe the naked. Inspire people to join in.

  2. Clare, I appreciate your response. I would like to point out that prevailing wisdom and Christianity’s divergent views of homo & hetero sexuality was the subject of the post and that is why I wrote this brief piece, not because I am obsessed by it. However, I do agree with you that if more Christians were feeding the poor and clothing the naked (Matt. 25) that maybe non-Christians would have a more nuanced understanding of what Christianity is all about.

    I also wonder though, if some objectors arrive with an a priori bias against Christianity simply because it does in fact declare some behaviors to be sinful. Maybe I’ve grown cynical but I’m not sure any amount of good works or blessings bestowed would divert some individuals from the perceived inequities of an objective standard. I think the story of Jesus is a perfect example. He came healing the sick, feeding the poor and raising the dead but He also called people to abandon their sins and for that He was crucified.

    Thanks for reading!

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